We now have a much simpler way for you all to rejoin for 2022! If you head over to WebCollect to the TVRC page, you will find a section called Membership, and it should be fairly self explanatory from there on!


As always, we would like to say a huge thank you to those amongst you who have helped at events etc this year – if you haven’t managed to get the helper hours logged for whatever reason this year please ensure you sign up for one of the earlier events as places at camp will be subject to people having shown willing to help – obviously if events have been cancelled etc that will be taken into account but there are several events arranged over the first three or four months of 2022 so plenty of opportunity for all! And do ensure that you write down the dates you have volunteered for!!


We hope you all have a super Christmas and look forward to sharing details of some upcoming clinics and events (and CAMPS!!) with you early in the new year

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